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Alana Underwood

Principal Podiatrist


Alana gained a bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry in 2003 at Queensland University of Technology. She has a special interest in sports podiatry incorporating stretching and strengthening techniques along with orthotic therapy if necessary. Alana also enjoys all other facets of the podiatry profession as truly takes pleasure in helping people reach their full potential without pain.


Hannah Salsbury



Hannah graduated with a double degree in Podiatry and Exercise Physiology in 2013. She worked on the coast for four years before heading on an overseas adventure. After a short stint working for the NHS in London, she moved to the tiny Channel Island, Jersey, where she worked for a year and enjoyed many trips through the UK and Europe. Since graduating, Hannah has also completed a level 1 certification in manipulation and mobilisation of the foot and ankle and will be completing her level 2 certificate this September. She is passionate about the lower limb biomechanics and staying physically active. Her aim is always to help her clients have a better understanding of their foot health to improve their overall wellbeing.

Lyn Cooke



Lyn has worked in front of house reception roles for podiatry, chiropractic and other allied health practices for over a decade. She first worked for Sports and Structural Podiatry in 2005. After a move to North Queensland with her family for a number of years she has returned as a valued member of our team.

Vicki Burchell



Vicki has been working for Sports and Structural Podiatry for over five years. She has also worked in both specialist medical and allied health reception roles for a number of years prior to this. She is also a valued member of our team.

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