Introducing Flamingo Feet- Silicone Toe Activators

Flamingo Feet Silicone Toe Activators

Introducing Flamingo Feet- Silicone Toe Activators

For so long, we have been encouraging our patients to do foot strengthening exercises.

The research is clear. These exercises can prevent or reduce hallux valgus (the dreaded bunion), help with the healing of the plantar fascia (most common cause of heel pain).  They improve your balance. An increase in balance helps prevent many foot injuries and will reduce the likelihood of falls as we age.

The big problem is finding the time and inclination to do the prescribed exercises!

The solution: Flamingo Feet! Wearing these silicone toe activators for only 20 minutes a day has been proven to activate the muscles the same way as doing the exercises we have been prescribing. So for those chasing better balance, improvement of toe alignment or help with any other ailment we have prescribed foot strengthening exercises for, there is another option!

Available at reception with or without an appointment with a podiatrist.  Don’t just take our word for it, here are some happy buyer reviews:

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