Ingrowing Toenails

Toenail Bracing


A brace is applied to the nail to gently elevate the nail and unload the pressure on the underlying skin along the sides of the nail. The brace is fitted painlessly and usually the patient feels immediate pressure (and pain) relief. The brace is adjusted monthly for a number of months depending on the amount of correction required. Regular activity and footwear can be used as usual throughout the period of bracing treatment.

Surgical Nail Wedge Resection


Under a local anaesthetic, a wedge of the offending nail is removed. A chemical is applied to the nail root to prevent regrowth. In most cases, regular shoes can be worn the day after the procedure. The wound usually takes between two to four weeks to completely heal. After this period, activity can return to normal. The resultant nail is slightly narrower than it was originally.

*Results may vary, individual patients will have varying results.

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